Okanagan Pride is very excited to announce the theme for the 2016 Pride Festival – “We Are One”.

Pride celebrations world-wide promote and recognize the dignity, civil rights, and self-affirmation of LGBTQ+ people, and help build community and honour diversity. It is a chance for friends, allies and supporters to come together with our community in celebration.

The theme “We Are One” celebrates and honours both the diversity and the unity of our community – Many becoming One. The logo represents this theme by positioning “We Are One” larger than Okanagan Pride, marking the fact that our unity is more important than the individual players; we are stronger together. The viewer looks over the mountains into the future of what is possible, and comes down to the point of the playfully-designed heart which touches at home where we live. The font is created with a paintbrush, signifying that anyone can pick up a brush and help paint/create this future. The purple is taken from the purple stripe in the rainbow Pride flag which symbolizes spirit.

In 2016 we mark the twentieth anniversary of Pride in the Okanagan. The first Pride celebrations took place in Kelowna on the last week of June in 1996, and this year the week-long festival will be held from August 6 – 13th. Stay tuned for more information regarding the exciting activities we are planning for this year’s festival!

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